Tsarina Alexandra and Anastasia in 1908 (Romanov Collection, Beinecke Rare book and Manuscript Library, Yale University.)
Anastasia during her childhood. ( wikimedia commons)
Olga and Anastasia with their first cousin Prince Sigismund of Prussia. Also with them is Anna Vyrubova. (Romanov collection Beinecke)
The Russian Imperial Family. (photo of Wikimedia commons)
Anastasia and Maria in 1915 (Beinecke)
Anastasia reading.(Beinecke)
Anastasia at the Mommsen-Clinic in 1925. (Anastasia's collection, Germany)
Mrs. Zahle with Anastasia's cat at Mommsen Clinic in 1925. (Anastasia's collection, Germany)
Anastasia in Lugano in 1926. (Anastasia's collection, Germany)
Anastasia and Harriet von Rathlef in Lugano. (Anastasia's collection, Germany)
Tatiana Botkin, Anastasia and Dr. Eithel. in 1926. (Anastasia's collection, Germany)
Seeon Castle (Anastasia's collection, Germany)
Anastasia in Seeon Castle, 1927. (Anastasia's collection, Germany)
Miss Jennings with Anastasia in New York, 1928. (Anastasia's collection, Germany)
Princess Xenia Georgievna in New York,1928. (Anastasia's collection, Germany)
Anastasia in New York, 1928. (Anastasia's collection, Germany)
Anna Anderson/Anastasia with Adele von Heydebrandt circa 1949.(Anastasia's collection, Germany)
Grand Duchess Anastasia with the Grand Dukes of Saxe-Weimar, Also Prince Frederick of Saxe-Altenburg and Baroness von Miltitz.(Anastasia's collection, Germany)
Baroness von Gienanth visiting Anastasia in Unterlengenhardt. (Anastasia's collection, Germany)
Baron Ulrich von Gienanth with Anastasia and Adele von Heydebrandt.(Anastasia's collection, Germany)
Princess Cecilie of Meckenburg in 1908. (Wikimedia commons)
Images of Anastasia round 1950. (Anastasia's collection, Germany)
Anastasia in 1952. (Anastasia's collection, Germany)
Anastasia in garden with visitor Prince Alexander Romanov. (Anastasia's collection, Germany)
The new house of Anastasia. while being built in 1959-1960.(Anastasia's collection, Germany)
The same house the way it looks nowadays (M.Stravlo's Collection)
Anastasia with one of her big dogs in the backyard of her home. (Anastasia's collection, Germany)
Feet of Anastasia showing the deformity called "hallus valgus." (Anastasia's collection, Germany)
Anastasia with Prince Frederick Ernest in Unterlengenhardt, 1967.(Anastasia's collection, Germany)
This plaque is located in front of the property where Anastasia lived in Unterlengenhardt, Germany. (Anastasia's collection, Germany)
Empress Augusta, first wife of Kaiser Wilhelm II. (Wikimedia commons)
Prince Frederick Ernst of Saxe-Altenburg. (R. Schmidt's collection, Unterlengenhardt)
Prince Sigismund of Prussia and his wife Princess Charlotte Agnes of Saxe-Altenburg on their wedding day in Hemmelmark, 1919. (M. Stravlo's collection)
The house of the Princes of Prussia in Barranca, Puntarenas, Costa Rica. (M. Stravlo's collection)
Grand Duchess Elisabeth of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach. (R. Crouch's collection)
Image of the Village of Unterlengenhardt. (M.Stravlo's collection)
Baroness von Miltits, Luise Mayhoff and Gertrud Lamerdin; three loyal friends of Anastasia. (R. Schmidt's collection)
Anastasia with her friend Alexis Milukoff. (R. Schmidt's collection)
Anastasia during her encounter with Maria Rasputin in 1968. (Anastasia's collection, Germany)
Jack Manahan and Anastasia in the early 1970's. (R. Schmidt's collection)
Entrance to the cemetery at Seeon Castle. (M. Stravlo's collection)
Burial site of Anastasia's ashes, with the stone designed by Prince Frederick of Saxe-Altenburg. (M. Stravlo's collection)
Das Goldene Buch, (The Golden Book) written by Gertrude Lamerdin. (Anastasia's collection, Germany)
Comparison pictures Olga Nikolaevna in 1916 and Marga Boodts in 1956. (M. Stravlo's collection)
Comparison pictures Maria Nikolaevna Romanov/ Maria Nikolaevna Romanov-Dolgoruki (a.k.a. Countess Ceclava Di Fonso.) (M. Stravlo's collection)
Alleged remains of the Romanovs exhumed in Ekaterinburg, Russia in 1991.
Dr. William Maples examining the bones at Ekaterinburg, Russia.
Press Conference in London where the results of the DNA tests where announced.
Comparison of pictures between Anastasia Romanov and Anastasia Manahan.
Comparison of pictures between Anastasia Romanov and Anastasia Manahan.
Comparison of pictures between Anastasia Romanov and Anastasia Manahan.
Prince Alexis D'Anjou with his mother Princess Olga Beatrice Dolgoruki-Romanov. (M. Stravlo's collection)
Books published by Prince Alexis D'Anjou-Durassow. (M. Stravlo's collection)